(please note that the schedule is subject to change!) (Updated 8.9.2014)

Thursday, October 9

Opening Draw 18.30

Friday, October 10

Official practice: 08:15 -

Opening on Ice 17.30
Short Program, Ladies 18.15
Short Program Synchro (SyS) 21.25
SyS victory ceremony 22.06

Saturday, October 11

Official practice: 07.00 -

Short Dance, Ice Dance 13.15
Short Program, Men 15.30
Free Skating, Ladies 17.45

Sunday, October 12

Official practice: 07.45 -

Free Dance, Ice Dance 13.00
Free Skating, Men 15.30

The detailed color schedule will be published approximately 7 days prior to the competition.
Please note that the practice on Thursday is not open for public.
On Friday, Saturday and Sunday practice sessions are only open for event ticket holders.
There is no ticket sale for practice sessions.

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