Varkauden Tarmo is looking for a coach

Tarmon Taitoluistelijat (VarTa) is looking for a coach to join the team from season 2023-2024

At this moment our club includes 30+ competitive skaters, a hobby group, a skating school, and a group for adults. Our skaters are presented at all competition levels starting from the hobby level and up to the SM level (Finnish highest competitions class). The club has grown fast in size and quality during the last few years. 

Who are we looking for: 

  • Inspiring and encouraging person 
  • Considers everyone and treats them equally 
  • Open, social, cooperative
  • Must have good English skills (great if Finnish as well, or willing to learn)
  • Skillful in professional, physical, and mental coaching 
  • Enthusiastic and creative
  • Who has similar goals and values to us

Our Goals: 

  • To create a meaningful and enjoyable figure skating hobby environment 
  • To provide opportunities for personal development and success for all level skaters 
  • To teach a healthy lifestyle 
  • To offer versatile and good-quality coaching

Our Values:

  • Fairness, equality, respect, and appreciation of all club members
  • Mental and physical health are priorities 
  • The joy of exercise and self-development
  • Team-work 
  • Working on professionalism and goal-orientedness 

Please send your CV and questions to