Long-time partner of Finnish Figure Skating Association. Luhta offers modern Nordic design for active lifestyle.
After retiring from the competitive skating, Jenna McCorkell started to design sportswear that not only performs well, but is also stylish and attractive.
Yvette offers women’s sportswear for professional sports, self-training or relaxed leisure time.
Lucky Skate is a Finnish family business, that has offered skates and figure skating accessories for over twenty years.
Golden Skate offers ice skates and figure skating accessories with a long experience.
ZeroPoint Compression designs compression products for all types of sports and activities, both before, during and after. ZeroPoint focus on environmentally conscious choices on their products.
A small Finnish family owned business specializing in ice skating jewelry and custom designed costume jewelry.
Handmade jewelry that will appeal to both the carrier and the audience. Specialized in ice skating jewelry.
The Finnish family-owned company is specialized in garden and flower retail industry.
ProSharp is interested in making skate sharpening easier, faster and better, every time.