Sweet Mozart - Team Austria


In 2001, last time when WSSC was in Helsinki, a little group of Austrians who had just formed a synchronized skating Team, headed to Helsinki to learn from the best. They were impressed by all the great Teams, but also by the audience and the breathtaking atmosphere… They decided to form a team that will be able to represent Austria at World Championships.

Now 10 years later “Sweet Mozart” will participate at its 8th World Championships. We are very happy to be back in Helsinki, in Finland, the home of some of the world’s greatest teams!

“Sweet Mozart” was built in the year 2000 as the first Junior synchronized skating Team in Austria, in 2002 and 2003 we competed at WCCJ, in 2004 we participated at our first WSSC in Zagreb, Croatia. We are the 10 time consecutive Austrian Champions. Our skaters come from all parts of Austria and Bavaria. This year also a skater from France is joining us for the season. We practice every weekend from August till April. We are all students or work or do both to be able to skate on weekends. Some of us take a four hour trip back and forth just to be able to skate in Sweet Mozart. We are all very dedicated to synchronized skating and always try to give our best.

We hope, you’ll enjoy our programs: In the Short Program the music is “You raise me up” from Celtic Women. We think that it shows quite well, how being part of a team can raise you up. In the Free Program we decided to use the music of the Original Soundtrack of “Mary Poppins”, a movie that inspired our fantasy, when we were little girls and also now…

We want to wish the best of luck to all participating teams J

+++Viel Glück! +++Onnea!+++ Good luck!+++ Lycka till! +++ Sretno!+++ In Bocca al lupo!+++ Veel Geluk!+++Hodně štěstí!+++Bonne chance!+++ 幸運!+++Удачи!+++

Nähdään Helsingissä, bis bald in Helsinki!


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