Best wishes from Team Czech Republic


The team of the Czech Republic, Olympia, is a senior team of the University Sports Club in Prague. There are 19 skaters, most of them study at high school or university.

This year we were nominated for the World Championships for the fifth time. The traditional competition for nomination was not the Prague Cup but the Cup of Berlin. Here we were in the great third place. We hope that even in Helsinki, our programs will appeal to both referees, athletes, and spectators.

For the short program, we chose music from the musical Chicago, Cell Block Tango. It is a program full of sharp movements and mysterious and passionate looks.

In contrast with the short program, we chose for the free program music from the film Frida. Our program is full of sadness, pain but also joy, courage, passion and hot Mexican rhythms just as the life of the famous painter Frida Kahlo.

We wish all the teams a lot of good practices before the competition and we look forward to seeing you in Helsinki!


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