The ticket sale

Single day tickets will be released for sale on 1st September.

Please note that the phone service is not available when calling from outside Finland. Please buy your ticket online - you can print your pdf-ticket with your own printer.

Direct link to Lippupalvelu, the online store for tickets:

Ticket prices

Ticket prices, Finlandia Trophy Espoo 2014

These are the prices when tickets are purchased in advance. If you buy the tickets from Barona Arena, 3 € /ticket will be added to the price.

The minimum service charge of Lippupalvelu is included in these ticket prices.

In Finnish: Lippujen hinnat suomeksi ja tarjousliput: Liput Finlandia Trophyyn

Judges' stand is in front of sections 209-210 at the ice level.

Tickets can be bought from and from Barona Areena one hour before the competition starts on each day.

Follow the practice

Those  who have purchased Finlandia Trophy Espoo day tickets, are also allowed to come watch the practise of the day. All Event ticket holders are allowed to follow all the practices from Friday to Sunday.

On Thursday, in the unofficial practice, the audience is not allowed to watch the practice.

Please note that it is not possible to buy a separate ticket for the practice. If you wish to follow the practice, tickets (single day ticket or all event) must be purchased before arriving to Barona Arena. Barona Arena ticket office opens each day one hour before the start of the first competition of the day.


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