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Susanna Rahkamo and Petri Kokko
European Champions, and the Worlds runners-up 1995, Susanna Rahkamo & Petri Kokko is Finland's best ever ice dance couple. After an outstanding amateur career they turned pro in 1995, toured the world, and performed in over 400 ice spectacles and tv -shows before a total audience of nearly two million. Besides their gala performances, they both graduated with a Master's degree; Susanna from the Helsinki University Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, and Petri from Hanken, the Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration in Helsinki. The couple's decision to quit professional skating was maturing step by step.

- It was time to start up something new, Susanna says.

The couple got married, settled down in Finland, and had two children, a son named Max, and a daughter named Camilla.

Even if Susanna and Petri have hung up their skates they have not abandoned skating entirely. Susanna is presiding over the Finnish Figure Skating Association for a second mandate in a row. She is also working as a business management consultant at Pertec Consulting focusing on self-leadership, and creativity and renewal management.

As ice dancers, Susanna and Petri were known for their creativity and innovation on ice. Original movements, and fantastic imagination were their trademarks. As business consultant, Susanna is applying these principles and encourages people to be open for even the creaziest of ideas.

Petri, like Susanna, found a post-sports life in business world. He has been working for a Finnish sports television, an advertising agency, and an international sportswear company. Since 2006, he is the country manager of Google Finland.

Petri admits that what he most misses about his time as an ice dancer is performing before live audiences, and the fans in particular. Petri sees the experience he gained during his sports career as a real asset in his current job.

- I can use the skills I learned as an elite athlete in my present work every day. In our business, the world is changing extremely fast. We have to learn new things constantly.

Together with his wife Susanna, Petri is actively interested in what's happening in the figure skating world. He is especially excited about Finnish figure skaters' excellent performances during the past seasons.

- Susanna and I have always said that Finland has all the preconditions to be a great figure skating nation. Finnish figure skaters' recent results are a concrete proof of our thought.

At the 2009 European Figure Skating Championships in Helsinki, Petri will be seen at the spectator stand every day!

Mila Kajas

Communication officer

ISU European Figure Skating Championships 2009

(Translation Anna Salmi)